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if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance we have a lot in common.

you probably have also spent countless hours exploring and trying to improve your relationship with the things in your world. your phone, your home, your work. you know there is a better way. one that feels more fulfilling and peaceful. one where you feel like your life is intentional and set-up to support your best life. you may wonder if it’s even possible to get to this point - where you can enjoy a simplified life. a life where you call the shots.


it sounds dramatic to some, but given the circumstance - these are all common thoughts, feelings and actions.

you want to know the great thing about thoughts, feelings and actions? we can change them.

you have celiac disease. you can’t eat gluten. your body is healing. some days you feel great. some days you feel like shit. your anxiety is almost debilitating at times. these are the things we can’t change. 

everything else, we can.

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i can



the lessons we get to learn about ourselves and how to care for ourselves, our invaluable. they makes us stronger, wiser, more empathetic, compassionate, more loving. they help us grow. 

this is an opportunity to show up for yourself. to challenge yourself. to learn new things. probably to un-learn a lot of things too.  


and it will be a lifelong journey. full of opportunities. 

we get better, and so, the world gets better. 

the world gets better, because we have celiac disease.

i want to be an example that this is possible.

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Hi, I’m Jess.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I always knew something was wrong. I was sick off and on for many years and had pretty much given up hope on finding out why. And then, a bit of good luck - I was referred to a functional medicine doctor who did a whole bunch of lab work and looked through my 23andme genetics and discovered I had celiac disease. In many ways my journey is just getting started. While my diagnosis can feel like a burden, it’s also sweet relief. And as I search for answers, and support, I feel a deep deep desire to share this journey. Not just as a way to help explain to my friends and family what I’m going through, but also to gather community. To find others who are experiencing the same, and to create a safe place for us to support each other. you can contact me right here.

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