Jess Laine
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styled entry area of interior design office with ceramic light and pretty desk

*knock, knock! it’s your #dreamclient coming for a tour of your online home*

Do they:

A. Turn back in search of a more welcome atmosphere? OR

B. Cozy up and stay a while, because this is their happy place?!

If you answered A, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered my friend.

The designers & stylists I talk with have one of two problems:

  • Too much. Their site is too complicated. And they are overwhelmed by the idea of fixing it - where to even start? They crave something more their style - more refined. A “fewer better” kind of feel.

  • Not enough. Their site is too simple. So simple it looks like a template. They also crave something with some of their own style & personality.

As you know, there is a fine line between too much and not enough. Less is more, but too much less is a bore. If you don’t have any personality on your site, how will your dream clients know you are their dream designer?

This is where I come in. I specialize in gathering all the pretty ‘lil details and then I edit, edit and edit a bit more until your website is a perfect combination of what’s needed for your ideal clients to find you & hire you.

What’s in this perfect combo? (ICONS)

  1. We highlight the goods - your stunning portfolio & raving client reviews (don’t worry if you’re slim on both - we can definitely work with what you’ve got, and I’ll give you the resources for building both)

  2. We add in just the right amount of your branding and copy

  3. We stay clear and true to a style that reflects who you are and your work

  4. And of course I make sure everything is organized correctly in the backend so that your SEO is on point and your clients have no problem finding their perfect match

Let me ask you - are you here to show your work or sell your services?

There is a common myth that a portfolio site (where the focus is on beautiful images) should be very clean and simple, so the photos “sell themselves”.

Sure, if you want to show your work, without needing to sell your services, then a very clean and simple portfolio site can work. But if you are selling a service, you definitely need a bit more. (Not to mention if your site isn’t set up correctly to begin with, no one is going to find you.)

The “photos sell themselves” was my technique for a long time, and while I did get clients in the door with this kind of site, it wasn’t until I injected my own personality and special flavor into my web design, that I attracted my dream clients and became truly happy in my business.

And this my friend, is what I want for you. This is what I love helping designers create - a website that yes is clean and simple and organized (I am all about those things in web design, interior design and life in general!) but also has style & personality.

Has a client ever come to you and said, “I have a few really great pieces of furniture, so let’s highlight those and make everything else really plain and boring?” Nope. They expect their whole home to have a consistent style. Thats’s a major reason why they hired a pro.

Has a client ever told you, “My design style is all white everything with a beige pillow thrown in for fun?” Okay, maybe there are some beyond minimalist people out there - but I wouldn’t want to live in that home, would you? (You certainly wouldn’t put that project in your portfolio.)

So why are we doing this with our online home?

Again, I have been here so I totally get it. Their is another, better way. And I am here to show it to you!

As a designer, I can’t think of a better way to sell myself then to share my unique flavor of personality & style with my prospective clients. If my IRL home & my online home match, then I know who I am and

Okay you see where I’m getting at here. And obviously I can’t help but have fun with the similarities between an IRL home and an online home.

of course not!

again, i have been here so i totally get it.

and again, their is another, better way. and i am here to show it to you!

here’s a tip - what’s your design style? warm & minimal? elevated chic? black & white w/ pops of color? (that’s my jam!) whatever it is, that’s what your website should be!